Failure is success if we learn from it

No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying.

A lot of time was spend to make the first prototype of Pubwebkit editor, but my disregard to covering code with the unit tests and doing regression testing leds to regression. Since the time when the codebase become huge, I've started to encounter a lot of bugs during the implementation of new features.

It was a good lesson for me and after a short break I decided to rewrite current code based on the best practices and using all possible means to test it.

New home


First of all I decided to move project from GitHub to GitLab. No, I like GitHub and I will continue use it for other Open Source projects. But the build-in toolset, pipelines/CI and integration with Docker bribed me. GitLab is ships with everything that I used in the GitHub, I don’t really lose any features by switching, but gain a ton.


Now when I have Continuous Integration, I need to add some functionality to check the health of the code. So, I added the following features and configure GitLab CI to run them at the time of every git push:

  • Linting by Google Closure Compiler.
  • Run karma unit tests.
  • Generate unit tests coverage report.


Getting things done

So, now I started moving/rewriting all functionality to the new codebase and pay much attention to testing. Also, I started working over the new website, where I will start posting updates about development process and will start building community.

May the Force be with me.