Who am I?

Hello %username%! My name is Dmytro Antonenko and I'm developer with warm love to the web. My goal is to developing so it's beautifully simple and fast.

Currently I'm living in Irvine, CA and working as a Senior Staff Engineer at Warner Bros Discovery, where as part of the Video Core Media team, I’m working on development and support of the video engine frameworks for various platform.

I do not specialize in one programming language or platform, I love to use all possible means to develop. I love to develop for front-end as well as for back-end ( but yes, front-end I like a little bit more ) Also, I like learn different algorithmic approaches that could be applied in development process.

Talk to me

Want to work with me, make a friendship or just have a chat? I love talking to a smart people, so don't hesitate to reach out!

dmitry.antonenko [at] hedgehog.com.ua